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Your fitness journey starter pack

It’s one of the best feelings ever to get excited about your fitness journey and wanting to share it with the world. But remember “by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail” Benjamin Franklin.

Before you start, let’s make sure you are completely prepared for your future challenges:

1. Have the right mindset: Mindset more than inborn talent is the best predictor of success, science shows. And yes, you can change yours. [Read more...]

2. Have a vision and fitness goals: Setting goals is proven to help you achieve more [1] because goals help you strategically pick the right actions, help you put in more effort, and keep you motivated over time. [Read more...]

3. Gym membership or home gym: Staying fit often comes at a price. Whether it's signing up for a gym subscription or building your own at home, both are definitely an investment. Inevitably, choosing the best route to take can be tricky and can be different based on your personal circumstances. [Read more...]

4. Choose your right fitness outfit: Having the proper workout attire in place in order to complete your exercises can sometimes be just as crucial as having the right fitness equipment. While it might not seem as though your clothing makes a significant difference when it comes to your daily cardio, what you wear can in fact have a huge impact on both your stamina and your motivation.[Read more...]

5. Find a workout buddy: With friends comes honesty and that’s a great characteristic to look for in a workout buddy; they will tell you when you’re slacking and make sure that you drag yourself to the gym even when you can’t be bothered. Ask your friends if they are interested in getting involved in a new workout regime and make it no holds barred when it comes to motivating each other. You can always count on your best friend when you need to be told to get rid of the jiggle by stepping it up a notch. [Read more...]

6. Follow a workout plan: Figuring out how to stick to a workout routine is tough. Let’s face it: It’s much easier to make fitness resolutions than it is to find the sustained exercise motivation to keep them. We all have the best intentions on January 1, and then as the year rolls on, we lose steam, confidence, and motivation. What seemed so feasible just days or weeks ago can somehow morph into something impossible. And while it’s easy to blame our loss of focus on life happening, perhaps the biggest threat to a realistic resolution is the narrative that plays in our heads.[Read more...]


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