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How to make money as a fitness influencer

If you’re a fitness freak who’s successfully turned your fitness obsession into an engaging social media presence and wonder how to make money as a fitness influencer, chances are, you can do one of the following to monetize your social media audience.

1. Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts can be anything from single posts or a series of posts to Instagram Stories or YouTube and TikTok videos. In case you wonder how to make money as a fitness influencer, why not get sponsored and collaborate with these brands?

2. EBooks and downloadables

One of the most prominent ways to see how to make money as a fitness influencer can be selling your content, for example in the form of an eBook. Or, if you have a fitness app, you can put the link in your bio and ask people to download and pay for it.

3. Digital courses and workshops

Digital courses and workshops, in addition to eBooks, are another effective way for influencers to earn money online. You can monetize your audience by organizing digital paid courses and workshops.

4. Collaborations with brands

Sometimes well-established brands decide to collaborate with influencers when they either want to launch a new product or they want to spread the word about the previously launched ones. The influencer normally receives a share of the earnings in the case of an influencer partnership, based on the terms of the agreement between the two parties.


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