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How do influencers get deals with brands?

If you’re a micro-influencer or content creator who is looking to get more collaborations with brands, this is probably something you ask yourself regularly.

Convincing a brand that you are going to be the ideal influencer for their campaign is not an easy task.

Understand your metrics

Whether you have over 100,000 followers or less than 2000, analytics can help you showcase that your following is real. There’s no better way to provide social proof for brands that might be considering you as a brand influencer than to be able to show how much online influence and engagement you have.

Have a media kit

Influencer marketing is hugely popular right now, but you can’t just live on social networks and take pictures of your food for Instagram. You need to show that you can tackle an influencer brief, and you need to show the brands who hire you the analytics from your social profiles.

Even when brands reach out to you first, having a media kit demonstrates professionalism – they’ll know you’re the real deal.

Find your Niche

As a social media influencer, having a niche can be incredibly beneficial to your career. It allows you to stand out from the crowd and build a name for yourself in a specific area of interest.

When you begin to post content, be sure that your content has something to do with your niche. If you are a fashion blogger, focus on fashion when posting for the first few months to establish a following based on your niche topic.

Be selective about collaborations

Once you start achieving a high level of reach across social, you’ll start being approached by brands wanting to work with you. When this happens, it can be a great position to be in because it often leads to well-paid collaboration opportunities.

Choosing the right brand partnership is crucial or else all your hard work will be in vain. Focus on partnerships that align with your niche.

Key takeaways

Your followers are your biggest asset when it comes to your personal brand. Know everything you can about them – businesses will want access to this information.

Having a strong media kit isn’t optional these days. Influencer marketing is growing, which is good news for you as long as you can compete with other social media creators.

Find your niche and stick to it. Focusing on one category will make you an expert in your field and more appealing to brands looking for micro-influencers.


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