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  • How do I become a creator on GOAT?
    You can apply here and we will contact you if we think we can help you grow.
  • What happens after I'm accepted as a GOAT creator?
    We will contact you to set up a call and our team will take you through the onboarding steps to set up your account.
  • How will my followers find the app?
    Once your account is set up and ready, we will provide you with a link to share with your followers. This link directs your followers to your web page where they can sign up and subscribe to your plans.
  • How much does it cost to become a GOAT creator?
    It's completely free to become a GOAT creator, no upfront cost, no monthly fees or hidden costs, for real! From each subscriber you receive 80% of the subscription fee minus transaction fees (usually ~3%). And if you earn more, you pay less. How? If your revenue exceeds £3,000 per month, you keep 85% of the revenue. If your revenue exceeds £10,000 per month, you keep 90% of the revenue.
  • Who owns the content I upload on GOAT app?
    You own 100% of your content and your subscribers. We are only here to support you to engage with your audience in a meaningful way and provide you with the tools you need to monetize your content.
  • Why should I become a GOAT creator?
    We take care of the business side so you can focus on what you do best which is creating great quality content. We genuinely want you to prosper and have a successful online business, not worrying about the fees and bills. That's why we have no set up fees or monthly charges and we only take a small cut of your earnings. Everything we do is to make sure you succeed. Because if you win, we win. Own your content, your subscribers and do it your way! We have done this before and we are here to take you from 0 to 1. If you are already generating some revenue through your online business, we can boost your revenue and take you from 1 to 10.
  • Can I still be on other platforms if I become a GOAT creator?
    Absolutely! We don't want to tie you down with contracts and restrict your reach on multiple platforms. We only encourage you to prioritize your GOAT webpage on your social media channels so you can maximize the number of your subscribers on GOAT app.
  • How will I receive my revenue?
    For 100% transparency, we use Stripe Connect. Stripe Connect enables you to have full ownership over your subscribers and your funds.
  • Is there a limit on how much I can make on GOAT?
    The sky is the limit, literally! The more you work on your GOAT profile the more you make. Like the reps you put in at the gym. There are no magic pills or shortcuts to success. We help you optimize your online presence and maximize the number of your subscribers and make as much as you possibly can.
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